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Characteristics permitted and limiting provisions shall be:

Checks - seasoning checks not limited. Through checks at ends are limited as splits.

Knots - not restricted as to quality and are permitted in the following sizes or their equivalent displacement

Anywhere on
Wide Face
(any cause)*
2" 1" 3/4"
3" 1 1/2" 1"
4" 2" 1 1/4"

*holes maximum permission: one hole or equivalent smaller holes per 2 lin. ft.

- Standard “F” Manuacture admits: very heavy torn grain; raised grain; very heavy loosened grain; heavy machine bite; machine gouge; heavy machine offset; chip marks; knife marks; medium wavy dressing; medium mismatch.

Pitch & Pitch Streaks
- not limited.

Pockets - pitch or bark, not limited.


Shake - if through at ends, limited as splits. Away from ends through shakes up to 2’ long, well separated. If not through, single shakes shall not exceed 3’ long or 1/4 the length, whichever is greater.

Skips - hit and miss, with a maximum of 5% of the pieces containing hit or miss or heavy skip 2’ or less in length.

Slope of Grain
- 1 in 4.

Splits - equal to 1½ times the width of the piece.

Stain - stained sapwood. Firm heart stain or firm red heart. Not limited.

Unsound Wood
- small spots or streaks of firm honeycomb or peck are limited to 1/6 the width.

Wane - 1/3 the thickness and 1/3 the width, full length or equivalent on each face, provided that wane not exceed 2/3 the thickness or 1/2 the width for up to 1/4 the length.

Warp - light.

White Speck & Honey Comb - firm, 1/3 the face or equivalent.

Utility Grade
Hem Fir Standard Grade Image